SEAK specializes in planning, entitlements, and small community water and wastewater design.

Civil Permitting And Compliance For City County State Federal

Permitting and Compliance

SEAK assists with civil related permits, required at the city, county, state and federal level. SEAK prepares land use planning permits, represents clients at public hearings, and guides clients through the public relations process as needed in association with permit applications.

Stormwater Design And Solutions

Stormwater Design

We provide innovative stormwater solutions including decentralized systems, pervious pavers, and wetland integration. SEAK utilizes advanced modeling software to account for real time storm flows to appropriately size drainage structures meeting code required design parameters while reducing construction costs.

Sanitary Design Wasterwater Treatment Systems

Sanitary Design

SEAK design’s small wastewater treatment systems for residential and commercial operations. SEAK works with local installers and suppliers during the design phase to specify locally sourced and cost-efficient products in construction approval documents. SEAK’s lead engineer maintains her level 3 onsite professional license in Utah and regularly attends continuing education programs across the country to stay on the forefront of onsite treatment technologies.

Water Works Engineering Public Water Storage Systems

Water Works

We work with owners, drillers, and local regulatory officials to develop and permit new Public Water Supply sources. We work with owners, drillers, and local regulatory officials to develop and permit new Public Water Supply Sources. Our engineers design water distribution networks for commercial developments for onsite water sources and municipal connections. Designs regularly include water storage, water treatment for onsite sources, fire storage, source water protection plans, and sampling protocols.

Construction Management Services

Construction Management

SEAK provides an engineer’s opinion of cost and construction management services as needed for owners. Design-Build platforms may be utilized to limit up-front design costs on compatible projects.

Construction Planning And Permitting Services


SEAK works closely with property owners to bring concepts to fruition by assembling superior support teams. Once concept planning is complete our engineers assist clients in gaining an understanding of the variety of permits and processes required prior to beginning construction. SEAK continues to support clients during the construction phase with construction inspections, as-builts, and permit close out.

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