Under Canvas

SEAK worked with the founding partners of Under Canvas from 2014-2020 as part of the original development team. Assisting Under Canvas in securing planning, wastewater treatment, and water distribution approvals for the first seven camps opened by the group from Montana to Tennessee. Camps were designed with independent public water and wastewater systems to provide a unique experience for travelers seeking to stay close to nature while also having access to flushing toilets. Many camps were designed utilizing solar power. Onsite water sources were developed from large tracts of land that had been previously undeveloped. Onsite wastewater treatment design varied from camp-to-camp ranging from advanced treatment pods, sand mounds, decentralized trench systems, and shallow trench design. The Under Canvas founders catapulted Glamping into the national spotlight and spearheaded the foundation of a national Glamping Association. SEAK continues to work with the original founders on various unrelated projects.

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